BFG in English


  • Pub BFGThe name BFG comes from the initials of the designers. Louis Boccardo, Dominique Favario and Thierry Grange. In the late development of the BFG, Louis BOCCARDO was made redundant as he was developing at the same time another motorbike, the MF (see specific pages about the MF).

  • Pub BFGThe company SOMA designed the gear box and the rear transmission with its specific castings. The engine, originated from the GSA CITROËN car, was re-fitted with new accessories, improving the look and the motorbike functionalities : New tappets covers in moulded alloy, traditional ignition and fuel pump were replaced by an electronic ignition and an electric fuel pump dipped into the fuel tank made in rotomoulded plastic. The equipment of a BFG are made for grand touring ; shaft driven, full fairing offering a good protection to the pilot, « Jaeger » dashboard (coming from the RENAULT 5 Alpine car) showing the neutral gear, the red zone, aso. The engine of the BFG perfectly answers the grand touring use with its high torque available even at low rpm.

  • Pub MBKThe BFG was produced in La Ravoire, near Chambery, in the french Alps. About 400 units were manufactured from 1982 to the end of 1983. In 1984, MBK took over and transfered the production to Saint Quentin in the North of France. Between 1984 and 1988, only 150 machines were produced. 1988 was the end of factory made machines. In 1989, the spare parts stock was sold to « Atelier Précision » in the North of France. Précision used to manufacture classic sidecars and assembled a few couples of bikes. They stopped all activities in 1996. In 1996, the stock of spare parts from Précision was bought by the BFG motoclub. The club is now responsible for supplying all needed parts, but the production of new bikes is definitively over.

What is the BFG club about ?

OdysseeThe club was created as early as 1983, nearly at the same time as the first BFG. Out of 200 members, a large majority lives in France but we even find a few of them living abroad.

  • How the club works ?

The club is relevant of the no-profit association French Bill of 1901, and is registered in Orléans, the prefecture of the Loiret department. Every quarter, a news letter is published and is called « La lettre de l’Odyssée ». It acts as a connecting mean between the different members and is written by the members themselves. « Odyssée » used to be the name of the former BFGs manufactured, but had to be abandoned as it was a brand name for a mobile home ! ! !

  • What does the letter say?

– News on members, on motobike in general and on BFGs in particular.
– Planning of events, meetings, trips, outings …,
– Mails on outings reports, tricks to repair your bike or maintain it in good condition, aso, …,
– Useful informations on spare parts,
– BFG and MF accessories, technical documents,
– Free for sale ads.

  • More details…?

Every year, our annual general meeting gathers all our members on Pentecôte weekend (Whit Sunday) in the center of France. The agenda is : forum, renewing the club Board and chairman, calendar of future events (5 to 6 events a year), new ideas, prospects, outings…. On that day members pay their (small) fee of 35€ – 2009-2010 fee – The BFG year goes from Pentecôte to Pentecôte. To reward the keenest members, the club organizes a yearly prize challenge for the highest mileage riding to club events. 3 categories are classified for this challenge : BFGs, MFs, and other bikes. Each class has solo bike or side-car category. Since October 1995, the club has been dealing with all the spare parts. Genuine parts or re-manufactured parts to the BFG and MF specifications. The spare parts service is for members only. Order lists and tariffs are available in the « Odyssée » letter.

  • Why joining the club?

Rassemblement BFG à La Ravoire 1983More than having access to the spares organization, being a member makes you feel less lonesome, you can rely on other members experience and on the club « memory ». Join the club events to see different machines, to share ideas and passion with our friendly members.

We hope this browse of the BFG motoclub has made you feel like joining us.

Download Bulletin accession to the Moto Club BFG.

If so, see you soon. Take care and ride carefully.